Art Services

we take care of your visual projects since 2005.
we are independent and by your side – which comes naturally with a boost of quality & creativity for your budget.
please find here an detailed overview of our specific services we offer.


art buying

we love to set up teams for your briefing, brand and budget. we connect you with the best creatives around the globe – or around the corner. we know the market, our network, the next generation and find the best creative solution for your needs.

in 5 words:
-artist research
-artist connection
-project scheduling
-project organsiation
-rate & right negotiation

(please have also a look on our production management skills below)



the right face says more then 1.000 words. we understand and focus on your needs – and love to find the right talent for you.

in buzzwords:
-advertising, fashion, editorial, feature, documentary, catwalk
-celebrities, models, influencers, actors, AI, real people with a background story
-diversityproof, experienced in global and local market needs
-ecasting, live casting, street casting
-buyout, negotiation, contracts, booking, travel management


production management

we produced in the eternal ice and in desert nature reserves, we worked under water and in planes and helicopters. we blocked main streets in the rush hour preplanned for months and set up „run & gun“ productions in an instant. We filled a stadium with a cheering audience and found the right cosy studio for a new born shooting around the corner.

studio, location, CGI, virtual, AI – we consult, we prepare, we take care & we take responsibility.

in 5 words:
-calculation, production & coordination
-crew booking
-location & permits
-transportation & travel
-green production



in the last years the possibilities to communicate increased. we have an overview about talents, methods, channels & techniques.
we analyse your former projects and can help you to set up your future ones.
we know where to fine-tune – for new target groups, new quality standards or new budgets.

our independence & experience guarantee a new point of view and support your decisions for tomorrow.

btw: we love thinking out of the box.



being open for new technologies is part of our DNA.
we know the chances (and the hints) of AI productions and guide you carefully through this new territory of image creation.

we consult and connect you with AI artists & legal advisors. we set up & coordinate the schedule and find the right new workflow for your brand, budget and needs. we transfer the experience from the old world into the new and love to navigate you to the possibilities of AI.